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We realize that this very well might be the first solar electric system installed at your home, which is why our San Diego solar experts wish to answer any and all questions or concerns you might have. We strongly believe that the more you are educated about the process, installationproducts, benefits, and guarantee of going solar, the more peace of mind you will have about your decision to go solar in Southern California.

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You asked, we answered

California Premier Solar Construction is a local family owned and operated business. Its ownership has been a part of the Escondido community for 3 generations. We are not here in San Diego to capture a hot solar market but to assist our community in saving money while also helping the environment. Also, most solar contractors are only electricians. California Premier Solar Construction carries a general building license in the state of California, and also has a partnership with its “sister” company, California Premier Roofscapes.

On any rooftop installation, we always replace any roofing material necessary that will be located in the area of the solar array so that your roof is up to code and will last as long as your solar system. This typically consists of 2 layers of new underlayment, flashings, and many times, new tile or shingles. We firmly believe that anything that is installed on your roof should have a roofer involved on a significant level. Because of this, we offer a full roofing warranty in the area of the solar array on any rooftop solar installation. Most importantly, we have a team at California Premier Solar Construction that genuinely cares about you and your home. Residential solar is all we do, so your project will never take a backseat to a much larger commercial endeavor. Over half of our work is on referral, so it’s paramount that you have an exceptional experience with our company, from start to finish.

You will definitely get to approve the final designs before we start! We will explain the design to you as well as provide you with a copy of the plans. We will only move forward when we have your approval. You can use the plan set we give you to receive approval from your HOA as well.

At California Premier Energy, we understand and appreciate that homeowners have different energy needs.

Our team of knowledgeable San Diego solar energy contractors can design a customized solar panel solution for your home that can accommodate your energy usage and help you maximize your energy savings. Additionally, as certified roofing contractors, we can inspect your roof and make sure both it and your new solar system last for years to come.

The overall cost to install a residential solar panel array will vary depending on the amount of energy you require, the number of panels you wish to install, the sun exposure of your roof, rebates and tax incentives in your area, and whether you chose to purchase a solar system or lease.

Solar systems can range anywhere from $0 to thousands of dollars. No matter which option you choose, however, solar panels are a smart investment and will save you money on energy in the long run. If you are thinking of making the switch to solar, it is recommended you speak to a San Diego residential solar professional to receive a detailed estimate and find out how much you can save!

We’re fortunate to live in a Southern California, where there’s an abundance of sunshine most days of the year. Why not put all that free sunshine to good use? 

If you’re wondering whether investing in a solar panel system is a good idea, you can stop wondering—it definitely is. Whether you decide to finance your solar panels or buy them outright, you’re sure to reap many long-term benefits including an attractive return on investment. While payback periods vary from system to system, a typical first-year ROI for solar panels is around 10-20%. Our team can help you understand ways to maximize your solar ROI in relation to available federal and local solar incentives, net metering, and more.

Our San Diego solar installers do things differently. We offer free in-home estimates and a $300 referral card to anyone who refers us to a customer who makes the switch to solar with us. Our solar team also offers a one-stop-shop where we can process all permits, net metering agreements with your utility, incentives, tax credits, and more.