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California Premier Energy provides new San Diego residential solar panel installations for existing and new homes. One of the most rewarding aspects of our job is meeting new families and helping them save money by making the switch to solar. Our knowledgeable San Diego residential solar experts will go over all of your options and design and install a powerful, beautiful, and long-lasting solar energy system on your roof.

“Our electric bill reduction is even greater than we expected.”

Take Control of Your Energy Usage

Did you know that you can maximize your solar savings even further by incorporating energy storage solutions into your solar system? Energy storage allows you to store excess energy generated by your solar panels during the day and use it when the sun is not shining, such as during the evening or on cloudy days. This means you can reduce your reliance on the grid and avoid paying high electricity rates during peak hours.


Increased energy independence

Protection against power outages

Greater control over your energy usage

Ability to shift your energy consumption to off-peak hours

Potential savings on your electricity bills

Break Free from
Utility Dependence

With solar panels installed, you no longer have to rely solely on traditional utility companies for your electricity needs. Instead, you can generate your own clean and renewable energy, giving you greater control over your power supply and shielding you from the impact of fluctuating utility rates. Experience the freedom and empowerment that comes with energy independence, knowing that you have a reliable and sustainable source of energy right at your fingertips.


Produce your own electricity, reducing reliance on utility companies

Less affected by fluctuating utility rates, ensuring long-term stability and savings

Control over your power supply, providing peace of mind during outages or emergencies

An investment in energy independence, ensuring a reliable power source for years to come

Reviews of happy homeowners

“We could not be happier with the product or the experience of working with them.”


Michael W.

San Diego, CA

“From the initial meeting to the final walk through, the customer service with California Premier Energy has been tremendous.”


Andrew D.

Temecula, CA

“Our installation came in on budget with a superior system and exceptional service that offsets all our electrical needs for many years to come.”


John D.

Carlsbad, CA


Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of solar panels you will need will depend on a variety of factors, such as how many kWh your home uses. A typical American single family home needs anywhere from 14-36 solar panels to cover their entire power bill.

Ready to learn why California Premier Energy solar installations look better and perform at a higher level? Our attention to detail in the products we use and the way they are installed can greatly benefit your home.

Although it is possible to install your own solar panels, we do not recommend this as it can be dangerous and often requires specialized knowledge. Solar panel installation should also comply with local building codes, which will require additional research. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you hire a professional to install your solar panels for you. Professional installation companies will have the training and materials necessary to ensure a safe and efficient setup.

At California Premier Energy, we understand and appreciate that homeowners have different energy needs.

Our team of knowledgeable San Diego solar energy contractors can design a customized solar panel solution for your home that can accommodate your energy usage and help you maximize your energy savings. Additionally, as certified roofing contractors, we can inspect your roof and make sure both it and your new solar system last for years to come.

The overall cost to install a residential solar panel array will vary depending on the amount of energy you require, the number of panels you wish to install, the sun exposure of your roof, rebates and tax incentives in your area, and whether you chose to purchase a solar system or lease.

Solar systems can range anywhere from $0 to thousands of dollars. No matter which option you choose, however, solar panels are a smart investment and will save you money on energy in the long run. If you are thinking of making the switch to solar, it is recommended you speak to a San Diego residential solar professional to receive a detailed estimate and find out how much you can save!

We’re fortunate to live in a Southern California, where there’s an abundance of sunshine most days of the year. Why not put all that free sunshine to good use? 

If you’re wondering whether investing in a solar panel system is a good idea, you can stop wondering—it definitely is. Whether you decide to finance your solar panels or buy them outright, you’re sure to reap many long-term benefits including an attractive return on investment. While payback periods vary from system to system, a typical first-year ROI for solar panels is around 10-20%. Our team can help you understand ways to maximize your solar ROI in relation to available federal and local solar incentives, net metering, and more.

Our San Diego solar installers do things differently. We offer free in-home estimates and a $300 referral card to anyone who refers us to a customer who makes the switch to solar with us. Our solar team also offers a one-stop-shop where we can process all permits, net metering agreements with your utility, incentives, tax credits, and more.

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Become energy independent today!
Become energy independent today!